Assessment & Strategy


Our Approach to QA Assessment & Strategy

We believe that one of the key aspects to having a successful QA organization is based on having a solid understanding of what your ultimate goals are, and what you need to do in order to get to them.

What do we look at

Whenever we are brought in to provide an assessment, we are going to review the following areas:

  • Overall organizational goals
  • Leadership goals
  • Existing QA team & practices
  • Development team & practices
  • Team interactions

What do we deliver

After we finish reviewing the areas mentioned above, we will put together a report detailing our findings, and incorporate that information into the following deliverables:

  • Report detailing findings and recommendations
  • Proposed strategy moving forward (if desired)
  • Proposed starting roadmap

These deliverables will include everything you will need to do to start moving your team towards your stated goals. Because we are not in the business of QA delivery, you can be sure that our proposals are right for you and your organization, and not right for us.

If you are ready to start your journey to a more efficient QA organization, we are here help you get there.