QA Leadership-as-a-Service


What is QA Leadership-as-a-Service?

If you are a new startup or even an established company that has not yet reached the need for a full-time head of QA, then our need-based service is the perfect solution for you. Our QA Leadership-as-a-Service (QALaaS) provides you with the ability to get all of the benefits of an experienced QA leader, without the full-time commitment. Whether it is helping you find your first QA resource, or determining the best practices you need moving forward, having someone that you can count on to provide timely industry insight can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Our approach has been battle-tested at some of the internet's largest brands, and is designed to maximize the value you receive. Since our goal is NOT to sell you additional services, we can focus 100% on delivering the exact solution that is perfect for you and your organization.

If you are ready to take your organization to the next level, let us help you build the right strategy to get you there.