Daron Strohecker

Jon brings a wide breadth of experience which helps to make up his proverbial toolbox he uses to address the multitude of challenges within the SDLC arena. He is good at the strategic and the tactical and has the ability to see the larger picture when suggesting and implementing changes. He has a knack for seeing potential issues and motivates his teams to remedy them before they become bigger problems. Most of all, Jon is easy to work with, has great communication and truly believes in empowering the people around him to be their best.
— Daron Strohecker

Ashley S. LoVerde, MBB, PMP

Jon and I worked together at a healthcare technology company where he managed the quality assurance group. His experience and expertise were apparent in the way he approached, managed, and governed the quality processes for our software. On top of that, he is polished, professional, and just a great guy to work with. I will always welcome and opportunity to work with Jon again!
— Ashley S. LoVerde, MBB, PMP

Bryan Jones

While working with Jon at MEDHOST I really enjoyed his pragmatic approach to his job. Jon ran large scale testing projects under tight deadlines. He brought efficiencies to our organization by introducing new tools and methods that weren’t in practice previously.
Jon’s reach was far beyond just his Team. He assisted with helping create efficiencies in other areas of the organization by investing himself in processes that needed attention. He was a true team player across all departments.
Jon has a desire to create processes and flow that works for your organization. He won’t just implement “by the book” processes that may fragment your workflow.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Jon. I would recommend Jon, his ideas, his team building skills and his pragmatic approach to any organization looking to take that next step in raising the bar for their Development and QA departments.
— Bryan Jones

Brian Senick

Jon represents the kind of innovative tech culture that you would read about on TechCrunch or HackerNews. He is the type that goes out of his way to insure the right people are in the correct positions with all the necessary tools to facilitate growth. I believe that people like Jon are the reason that technology is changing how corporate companies treat their assets. I struggle to remember an instance when Jon missed a development meeting, a one on one to discuss career direction, or even just a sit down to bounce ideas off of. Technology culture is more than just building an efficient infrastructure to house data, its about getting bright minds and innovative people in the same room, and keeping them there. I believe Jon sets the bar pretty high in regards to those standards.
— Brian Senick

Craig Badcock

I worked with Jon as a colleague for a short duration but quickly assessed he has the mixture of process, tools and staff assessment to provide an organizational road-map for Quality. He is a driver to set direction and to be accountable for the results. As with most personalities that aim to deliver in a rapid fashion, Jon will help educate those willing to listen but also remove those obstacles having a negative effect on the strategy.
— Craig Badcock

Matt Olsen

I worked with Jon at HomeAdvisor and found him to be an excellent partner on any project we shared. He understands all aspects of the QA lifecycle and is able to speak to both strategic and tactical needs based on the audience. His organization and attention to detail are real assets to the teams he works with and manages. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and look forward to the opportunity to do so again in the future.
— Matt Olsen

Jack Finchum

Working with Jon on a daily basis was an excellent experience. He is the definition of a team player. He excelled at being one step ahead of the curve, and in turn kept us sharp with his passion and enthusiasm. I would definitely recommend working with Jon if you ever get the chance. He is driven to succeed and will elevate the work of his peers and subordinates.
— Jack Finchum

Mark Schaffer

Jon is a results oriented, five-year-out thinker when it pertains to technology. Within less that two years, Jon was able to grow his software QA automation team by nearly 10x (one of the most difficult skill-sets to recruit for), and consequently produced one of the highest performing teams in the organization. Jon’s hiring style, management style, and communication style are second to none. Any team that is fortunate enough to have Jon, will certainly see his value add, and what a pleasure he is to work alongside.
— Mark Schaffer

Nick Rosevear

Jon has a tremendous eye for talent and ability to get the best performance out of people under him. Under his leadership we were able to take a talented, albeit mostly manual Test Engineering group and foster an environment of innovation and creativity. Despite being in a very competitive technology oriented job market he was able to consistently find and cultivate talented individuals. He did this through a philosophy of setting clear expectations and giving people room and freedom to grow and empowering them to find solutions to achieve these goals.

He has a tremendous grasp on the latest technology especially around DevOps and automation reaching far beyond simple UI Selenium automation into strategies for API, integration performance and security testing solutions. He can participate in development discussion and has a deep understanding of the entire architecture of the application. Furthermore, Jon constantly reached out to other teams to create solutions the extended beyond test engineering. Such as building custom integrations between Jenkins, Jira and Slack to allow for better dissemination of information. Ultimately, resulting in better efficiency in alerting/monitoring and communication across the company.

But all of this is secondary to his interpersonal soft skills. He is a kind fair person and somehow manages to motivate everyone under him to work harder and achieve more. I can confidently say, any company or person considering bringing him on for help would not regret it. I speak only for my own experience, but I know I would not have achieved half of what I wanted at HomeAdvisor if I were under any other manager.
— Nick Rosevear

Drew Eubanks

Jon was the QA Manager at Medhost. He is great to work with and for. He has a great deal of knowledge in QA, SDLC, and IT. He is willing to teach and communicate to where everybody understands what their expectations are. Jon knows how to build very good teams, and bring out the best in them. His knowledge and guidance is invaluable to any organization that he works for. You can always count on him to be a problem solver and get the job done.
— Drew Eubanks

Jeremy Leboy

Jon was the QA team lead on a challenging Adobe CQ / AEM Web Content Management project that we worked on together for about 8 months. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about the various tools and processes related to software quality assurance, Jon demonstrated that he is a great communicator and a strong leader, able to handle the pressure of a tough role, and well liked and respected by his colleagues. I found Jon to be a pleasure to work with and would welcome the opportunity to do so again.
— Jeremy Leboy

Gregg Petri

Jon is a dedicated professional who is able to coordinate the testing efforts for multiple products using both offshore and local resources. He has defined the testing processes and selected the best of breed tools to manage the global testing efforts. He is also able to install and configure the various databases and deployment platforms on which our products will run. His strong communication skills and work ethic ensure that our products are thoroughly tested on schedule.
— Gregg Petri

Matt Mendrala

Jon was the QA Director on a major software development project at ROLTA-TUSC. In this role Jon routinely demonstrated his broad knowledge of software engineering principles, processes and methodologies. As a Director, he was in charge of the entire quality assurance process which he implemented and executed with skill and professionalism. Jon is a team player who can be counted on to go the extra mile. His contribution to the team has been invaluable. Jon is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him in the future.
— Matt Mendrala