Nick Rosevear

Jon has a tremendous eye for talent and ability to get the best performance out of people under him. Under his leadership we were able to take a talented, albeit mostly manual Test Engineering group and foster an environment of innovation and creativity. Despite being in a very competitive technology oriented job market he was able to consistently find and cultivate talented individuals. He did this through a philosophy of setting clear expectations and giving people room and freedom to grow and empowering them to find solutions to achieve these goals.

He has a tremendous grasp on the latest technology especially around DevOps and automation reaching far beyond simple UI Selenium automation into strategies for API, integration performance and security testing solutions. He can participate in development discussion and has a deep understanding of the entire architecture of the application. Furthermore, Jon constantly reached out to other teams to create solutions the extended beyond test engineering. Such as building custom integrations between Jenkins, Jira and Slack to allow for better dissemination of information. Ultimately, resulting in better efficiency in alerting/monitoring and communication across the company.

But all of this is secondary to his interpersonal soft skills. He is a kind fair person and somehow manages to motivate everyone under him to work harder and achieve more. I can confidently say, any company or person considering bringing him on for help would not regret it. I speak only for my own experience, but I know I would not have achieved half of what I wanted at HomeAdvisor if I were under any other manager.
— Nick Rosevear